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Happy 2012!

This new year, I am looking to be better.  A better mother, a better teacher, a better wife, a better blogger, a better friend…you get the point… My resolutions for this year: 1. Make certain I spend most of each day enjoying my family, with a time for work and crafting mixed in… 2. Try […]

We heard from Santa!

…a week ago (remember this post?).  But, in all of the hazarai associated with the holidays, I forgot to show you the letter Santa sent us, postmarked from the North Pole (North Pole, Alaska, that is…). It contained a letter that ensured Buddy that if he stopped wrestling, pushing, and generally being in Little Guy’s personal […]

I wish I just blew out a flip flop…

…instead Buddy just “blew up” all over a display at my favorite local sandal joint. I’m home dealing with the stomach virus that has overrun the house, while King Phekus is offering renumeration and a twelve pack of Kalik over at Summerland Sandal. {Cringing} What’s proper etiquette for when your kid damages property via projectile […]

Gift Hits {and Misses} for Christmas 2011

This was really the first Christmas that Buddy “got” the idea of Christmas and Santa and all that mayhem.  I really couldn’t get enough of watching his face as he opened presents – and the odd things he would say.  Little Guy ate his way through some wrapping, and spent most of the day “in […]

I’m a klutz.

I tripped and dropped 3/4 of a cup of flour while making these cookies. I should probably mention that the flour landed on my pug.  Whoops. At least this time I didn’t set the house on fire.

Thank Goodness My Kid Isn’t David…

…from David Shannon’s David series.  Yes, I know these books are based on David Shannon as a child (Mr. Shannon, have you thanked your parents lately?) and, yes, I know David Shannon has been wildly successful as an adult (And I bet he is crazy-fun at the dinner table now, but as a kid – not-so-much.). […]

Bag o’ Fun for That Long Holiday Road Trip

My sister and her family are going to make the 26 hour trek via car to visit us in the Keys later this year.  While my crew is used to being strapped in the car for hours upon hours, I am a little concerned that my niece is going to freak out as they hit […]