Strawberry Brownie Santa Hats {Udi’s Recipe and Review}


Disclaimer: Some of the products used in this recipe were provided by Udi’s for the purpose of this review.  All opinions contained in this post are my own. For the past year or so I have been eating a gluten-reduced diet.  I had found that my cravings for gluten-packed foods were causing my digestive tract […]

Tuna Salad Roll Appetizer {Perfectly Progressive Virtual Dinner}

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The best part about summering in the Florida Keys is that the food is fresh – well the seafood, that is.  (Chicken and beef scare me on a whole other level down here, as the freezers at Winn Dixie seem to work about half the time and any meat needs to be transported to stores […]

CSA Life from a Newbie’s Perspective


Last winter, my friend Lauryn from The Vintage Mom did a series of posts on her winter CSA, and it got me curious about joining a CSA myself this year.  After talking extensively with Lauryn about my options (sorry for all the questions this winter!), I started exploring the CSA options in my area. There […]

Smoked Salmon Sandwich {Udi’s Review}

Smoked Salmon

It is pretty easy to be gluten free in the Keys.  Almost everything we eat here is swimming moments before we throw it on the grill and we quickly pair it with rice or veggies to complete the meal.  I was a bit worried about this current trip, as I have only been gluten free […]

Gluten Free for the Holidays {Udi’s Review}


Eating gluten free (or entertaining gluten-free guests) can be difficult during the holidays. Trays of appetizers and desserts fill tables tempting those of us trying to reduce our gluten intake. One of my go-to, kid-friendly holiday recipes is something I call a “Holiday Pizza.”  It is a spin off of a recipe my post-college roommate […]

Diapered Knights’ Pizza Night {Annie’s Homegrown Review and Giveaway}

MWO 3 Varieties

As a college professor my schedule can vary week to week with night classes, meetings, and research commitments sometimes making it difficult for us to sit down as a family for dinner. When I come in from a long day of teaching, the last thing I want to do is cook.  So, at least one […]

Gluten-Free Halloween Brownie Pops

Halloween Pops

Recently I have moved toward living a {mostly} gluten-free lifestyle.  For the past few years I have felt sluggish and “just not right.”  When I saw the correlations between gallbladder removal and gluten intolerances, I decided to talk to my doctor. Fast forward two months later.  I feel less sluggish.  I have dropped 30 pounds […]