Using Musicals to Promote Language Development #StreamTeam


Disclosure: I have received free Netflix streaming and a streaming device as part of my membership on the Netflix Stream Team.  All opinions expressed within this post are my own. Once in a while a movie comes along that captures the attention and admiration of (almost) all who see it. Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock this […]

Mom Knows Best – Advice for My Growing Boys


This post is sponsored by Nestlé® Pure Life® Purified Water. As my boys grow up, I find I have more and more advice to offer them.  Some of it is important: “Always wear socks. No one wants to sit next to the stinky kid at circle time.” “Be kind to everyone.” “You can’t marry your mommy. […]

Teach Your Preschooler to Read {Like a Teacher Would}

girl read

One of the things that surprises many parents is that Kindergarteners are now expected to read. And by “read”, I mean by the end of the school year, they should at least be able to read a level D guided reading book (A what?!  What does that mean?) by the end of the year. Coming […]

Happy Birthday, Little Guy!

home depot

My little guy turned two this week…Its exciting to see him grow into such a funny, social, kind, and smart little boy, but it is sad to think that the day is coming that he won’t snuggle with me like a baby anymore.   Little Guy’s Favorites (and not so favorites): Favorite Toys: Big Elmo […]

The Value of Pirate Money

Pirate Coins

Image from PortableAntiquities A recent interaction with my three-year-old started like this: Buddy: Mommy, I really want to buy some new cars.  I want Taco Mater and Flo. Me: Well, you need to earn some money to buy those things. Buddy: I have GOLD, mom!  (He rushed to a pirate’s booty bag he brought home […]

Taking the Gross out of Bath Toys {Nuby Review}

Nuby Turtle

Last week we threw out all of the bath squirt toys.  Want to know the big secret? I felt relieved – like a weight was lifted from me when those annoying little squirters went in the trash. The boys are insistent that they have all of their bath toys with them when they take in […]

Dr. Google is Not My Friend

Dr Google

Within 10 minutes of staring at my computer screen, I had diagnosed myself with advanced stage lung cancer and was making mental plans to ensure the financial security for my young family after I was gone.  I ran through a list of all the things I would never get to do.  I was freaked out. […]