Disney Made the Clownfish…

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..as recognizable in most homes with small children as “The Biebs” is in homes with teenage girls (I think I probably just committed a major faux pas by referring to Justin Bieber as “the Biebs”, but I am over 30 – forgive my “uncool” factor).  Although Disney Pixar inadvertently renamed the clownfish to “Nemo” for this generation of kids, as someone who loves marine life, I am okay with that.  In a recent trip to the Key West Aquarium, a group of kids chanted, “Look at the Nemos!” while the tour guide rolled her eyes.  However, that tour guide should be grateful – it is possible that Disney Pixar has made marine biology exciting for an entire generation of kids.  I am pretty certain most children of the 80’s could not identify a clownfish and its habitat, so who cares if kids of today call clownfish a “Nemo” but can recall they live in a sea anemone?  I would say that’s quite some progress.

DIsney is preparing for the release of their 2003 Academy Award-winning movie, Finding Nemo, in 3D, and I could not be more excited.  I loved the original Finding Nemo (so much that my post-college roommate treated me to the DVD for the holidays one year), especially Ellen DeGeneres’ role as Dory.  I cannot imagine how wild this movie will be in 3D, and you can bet I will be one of the first to check it out.  I honestly have yet to see a 3D movie in theaters, as I have always been skeptical as to how a company, like Disney, would make a great movie even greater.  However, I think Finding Nemo is going to be the movie to convert me.  Even from the trailer, the images just pop off the screen.  Since I am terrified of swimming in the ocean, I think this 3D movie will be the closest I ever get to seeing the world that exists under the sea.  And boy what a colorful (and humorous) world Disney has made it.

View the trailer of Finding Nemo 3D below and let me know what you think.  Will you take the dive and see Disney Pixar’s FInding Nemo 3D in theaters this September?

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