DIY Door Mat

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The weather here in the mid-Atlantic has been less-than-pleasant this week, with heavy snowfall and sub-freezing wind chills.  And with this weather, it became obvious pretty quickly that the door mat that my husband and I had bought while in grad school (forever and a year ago) and the random bathroom rug we threw in front of the door were no longer cutting it.

sad entry

Over a year ago, I read this guest post by Carrie from Making Lemonade about how to make an interchangeable door mat. So cute, right? The one problem I have with living in a rural-suburban neighborhood is that these adorable, modern designs that I love just never look right in our country-esque home.  After looking at my own blank TRAMPA for 15 months, I decided even the cut-out would probably be overboard for my property…so I scaled it back – way back – and simply stenciled a friendly “hello” in the lower-right hand corner. Nothing innovative, but a perfect, personalized addition to our garage entryway nonetheless.


Now, I need to fix the door trim and the never painted door is just screaming for a coat of paint.  Help me convince him to let me paint the door sunshine yellow to match :)

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  1. Super cute mat!!

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