DIY Striped Rug

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I’ve wanted to replace the area rug in my dining room for quite a while – but rugs are so expensive!  Seriously, who can afford one?  As I was browsing Pinterest, I found some instructions for how to paint a rug – so I thought I might as well give it a try.

I bought an 5’11” X 8’2″ ERSLEV rug from IKEA and ordered some Liquitex Fabric Medium and Frog tape.  I added 2 containers of fabric medium to some left over Behr Starless Night that I had used to paint the dining room (Note: The color looks nothing like the one posted.  It is a deep, beautiful navy in real life).

I wanted the looks of this CB2 rug without the steep price tag.  I first laid a 2’x4′ plank I had laying around the garage across the long part of the rug.  I put it off center and laid frog tape on each side to mimic the look in the inspiration rug.

Then, using the natural lines in the rug, I laid out horizontal lines, sporadically throughout the rug.

I marked the areas that would be left white with a scrap of tape so that I would not accidentally paint them.  (Note: Since the area under the Frog tape would remain white, the areas for blue are taped wider on the opposite side of the rug to adjust.)

Next, I used an X-acto knife to cut away the areas that connected the blue lines to the center stripe (which would also be painted blue).











I painted the non-tagged areas with the fabric medium-infused paint, carefully making sure that I did not leave any white spots.  This was a bit tedious to do, I’ll be honest.  I found it easiest to do one coat and then go back to touch up the areas that I missed.  The tape was ready to pull off within an hour…and my dining room was finished.  What do you think?

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  1. This is amazing! We’ve been totally rug-less in the dining room for years, simply because I can’t stomach the cost. There’s always *something* else that takes precedent over a new rug. Until now, that is. Totally trying this out! Thanks for the easy tutorial.

    • diaperedknights says:

      It was certainly easy! Definitely use the frog tape brand though, and press it into the rug. Whole thing (taping, painting) took me under 4 hours. Share your rug with us if you make one!

  2. I really like this! I like the contrast. I would love it if you linked this project up at my link party! Here is the link:

  3. I think this is a great idea! It looks great and your instructions are thorough. I’m wondering how it feels & if the paint flakes off? I’ve been wanting to paint our rug because I certainly don’t have the money to replace it, although I have those concerns lingering in the back of my mind.

    Either way, I’ve already pinned your directions and will try to google plus your site as well. Thanks so much for sharing!

    With Blessings and Joy,
    Christy :)

    • Hi Christy! We have had the rug about a year and it is still in good shape. If you get fabric medium to mix in with your paint (I used Satin interior wall paint with the fabric medium) it should not flake (mine hasn’t with heavy use). I found that the fabric medium (not fabric paint) that can be found in the acrylic paint aisle at Michael’s craft is very cheap ($1-2 a bottle), so you can afford to put extra fabric medium into your paint which will soften the paint. Ours is not “crunchy” and has give to it like a regular rug (maybe in a more rubber/synthetic way), but it certainly is not as soft as an unpainted rug. I would definitely paint other rugs…it was easy, inexpensive, and people are always surprised I made it. At one party, someone spilled something on the rug and was freaking out…I told her not to worry …that I had painted the rug and if the stain did not come out (which it did of course) I would just touch it up. She wouldn’t believe me that it was a cheap, handmade piece. Please send pictures if you do make one! I would love to share on my social media channels!

  4. I love this. I actually have a rug I want to prime and then paint over since it just doesn’t work in the room anymore. This looks awesome!

  5. This is so crafty!
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  6. This looks so chic! Totally a genius idea of turning a plain rug into an expensive look one, I love it!


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