I Really Should Wear a Raincoat to Dinner {Nuby Review}

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No one warned me of just how disgusting little boys can be when they eat. Sometimes Buddy and Little Guy are quite the gentlemen, but more often than not my kitchen table at dinnertime looks like a school cafeteria after a food fight [Note: We are working on this behavior.  I want spaghetti on my windows about as much as I want a root canal.] One of the things that sets my three-year-old off at dinner is when a food that he does not want to eat touches something else.  For example:

Broccoli (enjoyable food) + Baked Beans (yucky food) = Plate of Food on Floor

For the past month we have been using the Nuby Fun Feeding Section Plate and the Wash and Toss Plates to help keep the boys’ foods separated from each other on their plates.  Unlike any other plates we have, these are microwave-safe – a huge plus in this momma’s book.  Both plates are dishwasher safe and BPA-free which are must-have features for me.  The boys honestly ask for these plates over the other ones (including ones with not-to-be-mentioned licensed characters plastered on them).  I’ve noticed fewer tantrums as all foods stay in their own areas…and I’ve also noticed I give them a more colorful plate of food as I strive to fill each section of the plate.  Win Win!

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