What is the strangest item in your purse?

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I lost my keys (in my house) earlier this week.  If you know me well, this is no surprise to you.  It actually happens so often that my husband bought me an electronic key locator (which works very well – if you can find the remote).  It took me a full 45 minutes to find the keys I lost in the 15 steps from the garage to where I set down my bag.  I checked under the car, in the fridge, in the car, and in my purse before finally locating them (in the trash can).

I use a Petunia Pickle Bottom bag as both a purse and a diaper bag, because I don’t have it together enough to switch my things between two-plus bags, unless it is for a special occasion.  I certainly admit, I do not clean my bag enough ever, and I was puzzled by some of the items that were buried deep in my bag:

1. Boogie Wipes – Little Guy has had a runny nose for six months.  Boogie Wipes help keep the crusties away.

2. Gap reversible beanie hat – Forget that it has been 70+ degrees out lately, the hat is in the bag because it is just too cute.

3. Bottled Water

4. Juice box

5. Neosporin + Pain – One of the boys must have been hurt at some point…but I have no idea when or why I am still carrying it in my purse.

6. Diapers in sizes 4 and 6 – (Note that the wipes were missing.  Whoops.)

7. Maracas – For on the move musical entertainment

8. Coupon for $5 off a purchase at Burpee For impulse plant shopping

9. A figurine of a pug dressed as a waiter – I have no idea what this is or why it is in my purse.

10. Nose Aspirator – Little Guy’s snot used to be a problem….like 10 months ago.

11. iPad Adapter – Just in case I need to project my iPad on the go

12. Frog teether Never used, never will

13. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm We believe Burt’s Bees Lip Balm can solve anything … small burns, chapped lips, paper cuts, etc.

14. Happy Tots Fruit Pouch

15. A Chocolate Bunny – Left over from Easter

16. Baby Goldfish – A snack grabbed in a rush out the door

17. Socks Just in case we have a last minute play date at the Bouncy House place.

18. Snack Trap – Because Little Guy makes a mess without something to contain his food

19. Fruit Leather – Organic, small, filling – a perfect travel snack

20. A Batman Notepad – I think this was a party favor from a party in November.  Whoops.

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